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The winning formula: data analytics and football (Wired UK)

Read this article. A potent mix of data and football. I am in heaven!

Hyper Island MVP Deck // Speaker Deck

Alright here are some resolutions to try 

Focus on people not page views - no customers = no revenue

Engagement - but driven around relevance

Support your team - at work or at play

Don’t give up - keep looking, twisting and experimenting and you will find a way

FYI - borrowed/inspired from Ryan Foster’s Hyper Island MVP deck (sort of)



Brain activity helps predict which Beatles track you're listening to (Wired UK)

Noticed loads of clever stuff around today.  This is clever, but could it distinguish between a Maya Jane Cole vs a Julio Bashmore?  That is music worth checking out if you don’t already know that.

Saul / @websand


I launched this idea as part of a talk at a Lean North East on Monday night.  This also included historic footage of Lisa Simpson creating the Lean Start Up - but that is for another post.

The idea for the 4c’s is to suggest a framework to apply for the creation of marketing processes with any business. 

The rationale around that in my experience few smaller businesses create a marketing process. The 4cs also helps move a mindset away from Lean methodologies simply being applied to software, after all it emerged from a smash up between Japanese processes commonly applied in manufacturing.

So the four C’s….


Targeting the audience of your marketing message, and the behaviour change you want to influence (aka your marketing objective).

This sets your hypothesis


I recall Doug Richard’s referring to ‘marketing as code’ in one of his marketing themed school for start ups.

So which code relates to your target audience.  This can be existing data, webpages or social media. Anything that needs help from a techie fits here.


Here is your core brief. What elements with your control are you going to change.

Here at Websand HQ we believe that time is a key factor in finding the sweet spot on marketing messages. The emotion involved in buying decisions make timing really important. 

This can also be the basis for your A/B test so remember to test one change at a time wherever possible.


A lot of Lean methodology is considered to be common sense.

If it ain’t broken don’t try and fix it.

This is your measurement and consideration step.

If the results work, then look to apply the process consistently if that is relevant.

If not then make sure you document your learning for future reference,  then (if relevant) pivot within the earlier process and repeat.

We are big believers in this stuff and at Websand we are helping ecommerce businesses to create, measure and learn the results from marketing processes for their businesses.

Hope this makes sense to you and is useful.  Any questions or feedback please get in touch.

Saul (@websand)

Netflix looks at pirate sites to decide which shows to buy - Telegraph

Clever Clever Netflix! Squeezing value from the pirates #aarrr

Better call Saul! AMC announce Breaking Bad spin-off prequel centred around criminal lawyer Goodman | Mail Online

I’d better call Saul to protect my image rights! 

A launch story from Tray - How a single person can make a huge difference to your startup in 24 hours


There are some days in a startup you will never forget, the startup roller coaster has been widely publicised.

Sunday September 9th 2012 won’t be forgotten by us @tray. One of our super early users (we love you @Joelambert) had kindly replied to a smashing magazine tweet letting them…

Source: trayapp

BBC Sport Bill Shankly's footballing philosophies

We are due to meet a lot of mentors over the coming weeks.  Let’s hope we find a Shankly amongst them. Let’s start with leadership and the power of natural enthusiasm.

Not read the latest Shankly book yet, but intend to soon.


The holidays end today, it’s back to School and the beginning of the ‘business season’ tomorrow.  So make sure your pens are working and your pencils sharpened.  

For us at Websand HQ that means the beginning of our involvement in the Ignite 100 programme.  Something we are super excited about and will have a lot more to shout about over the coming weeks as a lot of changes are planned at a business and software level - it’s all good.

Have a great first day back at school tomorrow.

Saul / @websand

"You can’t buy this kind of publicity."


Odd Fox News Interview Lifts Reza Aslan’s Biography on Jesus -

Shaky ground here as this is the second religious related post this week.  That is purely co-incidental. Just so happens both are interesting to me and are current.

The now infamous ‘Embarrasing Fox News interview’ is really about three things.

1. Do your homework - the interview was 10 minutes of the same question based around the same position, how can a ‘Muslim’ write a book about Jesus.  Reza Aslan deflected that with the first answer….

2. LISTEN - the interview could have been much more interesting if the interviewer actually listened to the answers and moved to a different point.  Maybe she needed to get through a list of 10 questions asking the same thing?  (see point 1)

3. PR - if this interview hadn’t been so stupid then it wouldn’t have been remarkable, and that is what makes it special.  It is a what the f*%& piece of TV, and hence has been pushed all over the web.  It is no surprise the book sales have rocketed as a result. It is also worth mentioning the performance of Reza Aslan on this interview. I am no PR expert - far from it - however he is controlled, precise and clear. A PR dream.  Not a flicker of frustration. He’d make one heck of a politician. 

So in summary, do your homework, listen and try to get involved in ‘remarkable’ things.  They don’t have to be stupid, just have to have that ‘OMG’ (sorry) thing that makes you want to share.

Feel free to share this post to your friends and have a lovely day, whoever you are and whatever your thing is.

Saul, sultan of Websand.


Source: The New York Times